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This page was last updated on 17th January 2009.

The following is a list of unicursal mazes that I have visited (or almost visited).


Comberton, Cambridgeshire

Matthews has a photograph of a maze here. On a visit in 1976 I managed to identify the location, but the site was nothing more than a patch of bare earth.


Chapelle de la Prévôté, Toulouse

Villette mentions a maze in the "chapelle de la Prévôté, à la cathédrale de Toulouse". However, the cathedral appears to contain no such chapel. Verbrugge also mentions a maze "[qui] a été longtemps oublié" in the chapel, but without suggesting that it is in the cathedral. A guide in the cathedral to whom I spoke was not aware of the existence of any maze there.

Genainville, Val-d'Oise

I have twice tried to visit the maze here, mentioned by Villette and Verbrugge, but on both occasions the church has been locked, with no sign of anyone with a key.


Basilica di San Savino, Piacenza

Villette mentions a maze in the crypt, but there is no sign of one there among the mosaics. Verbrugge states that the maze has disappeared.

Chiesa di Sta. Maria-in-Trastevere, Rome

Villette , Matthews and Verbrugge all mention a maze here, but I could not find one. Matthews states that it is mutilated (and includes a diagram to illustrate its mutilated state); Verbrugge states that: "Déjà en 1854 le tracé du labyrinthe était impossible à suivre." Apparently the floor of the church is a nineteenth-century copy of an earlier design, so if there was once a maze on the floor it may have been finally destroyed when the floor was replaced.


Gereonkirche, Cologne

Matthews mentions mazes "in two churches at Cologne, but these have long since disappeared". Villette mentions "à Cologne, ceux de Saint-Géréon et de Saint-Séverin". However, although the Gereonkirche has an impressive collection of original mosaics there is no sign of any maze among them; and a guide to whom I spoke assured me that there had never been a maze in the church.

There is a very good list of mazes in Germany at Begehbare Labyrinthe.

The Netherlands

There is a very good list of mazes in the Netherlands at Stichting Doolhof en Labyrint.


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