Cathédrale de Notre-Dame, Chartres

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medium white and black stone
dimensions overall diameter 41'
diameter of centre 5' 6"
path width 13.5"
inter-path gap 3"
position on the floor in the middle of the nave, centred between the fourth and fifth bays (from the west end)
orientation W
layout clockwise; ¼,¼,½,½,¼, 3(¼,½,¼,½,¼,½,¼), ¼,½,½,¼,¼; I5,I,I5,4O,4I,10O,4I,4O,I5,I,I5; circular.
double standard ornamented with 6 lobes at the centre and 113 teeth round the circumference
visits earliest 1969
most recent 1996
local information (from postcard) Labyrinthe (XIIIe siècle)
Diamètre: 12m87
Développement environ 250 m
Maze (13th century)
Diameter: 12.87 m
Path length about 250 m

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