Victoria Park, Bristol

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medium water flowing (from the centre) in a brick channel
dimensions overall diameter 8.5 m
diameter of centre 30 cm
path width 15 cm
inter-path gap 21 cm
National Grid reference ST594717
orientation N
layout clockwise; ¼,¼,½,½,¼, 3(¼,½,¼,½,¼,½,¼), ¼,½,½,¼,¼; I5,I,I5,4O,4I,10O,4I,4O,I5,I,I5; circular.
double standard
visits earliest 1996
most recent 2005
information on site ST MARY REDCLIFFE MAZE
This maze commemorates the recognition of the need for clean water
By citizens of Bristol in both the twelfth and twentieth centuries.
In 1190 a pipeline was built from Knowle to St Mary Redcliffe church.
This carried fresh water from a spring to the parish of Redcliffe.
For many years this was the only clean water supply for Redcliffe.
Cholera epidemics caused many deaths in 1832 & 1849.
Treated drinking water and new sewers were then provided from 1850.
One of these later pipelines also passes beneath this park.
This is the Southern Foul Water Interceptor built in 1975-84.
From St Anne's the pipe goes beneath Arno's Vale, Totterdown & Bedminster.
It takes sewage from South Bristol to Avonmouth for treatment.
This sewage used to discharge directly into the River Avon (New Cut).
The new pipeline will therefore help to clear the river of pollution.
During work on the new pipeline, the ancient pipe was uncovered.
It was still 'Ship shape & Bristol fashion' as far as the railway.
Beyond there it had been damaged by bombs near York Road in 1941.
This water maze was built over the ancient pipeline in August 1984.
The spring water from that pipe now flows through the maze.
A special feature of the maze is that it has no ends.
The pattern is copied from a roof boss in St Mary Redcliffe church.
The new sewer and maze were inaugurated on Monday 22nd October 1984
By the Rt. Hon. the Lord Mayor of Bristol Councillor Claude Draper.
ACCESS & the Bristol City Engineer's Dept. designed the scheme
Under agency arrangements with the Wessex Water Authority.

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