Cathédrale St.-François-de-Sales, Chambéry

This page was last updated on 12th April 2004.

medium black and white marble
dimensions length 34.9 m
width 9.7 m
path width 42 cm
inter-path gap 42 cm
position occupying most of the length of the nave
orientation W
layout cartesian cruciform
local information (from cathedral guidebook) Labyrinthe de la nef centrale (vers 1860-1870, relevé Père V. Amblard, 1989). Le labyrinthe exprime le cheminement du chrétien vers la Jérusalem céleste dont l'Eglise est ici-bas le guide. Maze in the central nave (about 1860-70, relaid by Father V. Amblard in 1989). The maze expresses the progress of the Christian towards the celestial Jerusalem, for which the Church here below is the guide.
visits earliest 1999
most recent 2002

The areas shaded brown are obscured (in the case of the east end, by the altar steps).

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