Eilenrider Forst, Hannover

This page was last updated on 2nd April 2004.

name Das Rad
medium beaten earth and turf, the edge lined with thin bricks, a lime tree growing in the centre
dimensions overall diameter 100'
diameter of centre 8'
average path width 28"
average inter-path gap 25"
location 250m east of Bernadotte Allee, 700m north of the Zoo
orientation S
layout anticlockwise; 10(1); I7,O5,I3,2O,I3,O5,I7,I,O9; circular.
Note that this includes a path leading directly from the centre back to the entrance.
For analysis purposes I pretend that there are no gaps at the points labelled "X", and assume that the path starts (and ends) at "A".
visit 2004
information on site

[handwritten:] You must also walk the path in reverse, vegetarian [?!], otherwise the magic will not work -- because otherwise [the Wheel] breaks its promise to you [?] end

"The Wheel"

"The Wheel" in the Eilenriede - a site of ancient Germanic cults - is one of the two remaining intact turf mazes in Germany.

Probably one tried to reconcile the natural forces by which men were surrounded with world view and way of life by means of ritual dances, which would have been performed in maze-like patterns.

[handwritten:] They sang and danced in front of the trees, as their year passed!

First mentioned in the Hannover town chronicles in 1642, and originally located at Neuen Haus, the Wheel, at the centre of which stands a lime tree, attained its present location, size and layout in 1932.

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