Whitfield Place, London W1

This page was last updated on 1st January 2009.


medium red and black brick
dimensions overall length and breadth 30'
length and breadth of centre 2' 3"
path width 9"
inter-path gap 9"
National Grid reference TQ293822
orientation NW
layout clockwise; ¼,¼,½,½,¼,¼, 3(½,¼),3(¼,½), ¾,¼,½,4(¼); I3,I,I5,4O,4I,8O,2I,2O,I3,I,I5; square.
double standard omitting the outermost two circuits
visits earliest 1979
most recent 2007

In addition to the errors marked, it should be noted that the bends in the middle of the SE side are displaced by one brick's width to the NE; and the whole of the N corner is extended by one brick's width to the NE. The photograph was taken several years after I drew the diagram. It will be observed that there has been some further degradation in the meantime.

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