Steigra, Saxony-Anhalt

This page was last updated on 3rd April 2004.

name Trojaburg or Schwedenring
medium turf
dimensions overall diameter 38'
diameter of centre 30"
average path width 11"
average inter-path gap 12"
location at the edge of the village, on the east side of the road to Querfurt
orientation NW
layout clockwise; 11(1); 2(I5,O3,2I,O3,I5); circular.
visit 2004
information on site 1

Troy Town

Sweden Ring

The Troy town with prehistoric tradition

Site of a spring game

One of the few turf mazes still preserved

Protect the site!



From the fetters of the harsh winter
have I, the knight, released you,
whereupon the sun's blessings shine
on us and our children henceforth.
You, gracious maiden, give me strength,
warmth and fertility.
The evil, dark power of the night
flees from our company.

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