Graitschen, Thuringia

This page was last updated on 3rd April 2004.

name Trojaburg or Schwedenhieb
medium turf and gravel
dimensions overall diameter 30'
diameter of centre 16"
average path width 10"
average inter-path gap 9"
location at the edge of the village, on the south side of the road to Grabsdorf, on a mound
orientation S
layout clockwise; 11(1); O3,2I,O3,2I5,O3,2I,O3; circular.
The first and last sections of the path are missing (the straight radial sections from the entrance and to the centre).
For analysis purposes I assume that the path starts at "A" and ends at "Z" rather than vice versa. Thus the layout conforms with that of Steigra.
visit 2004
information on site

Protected Site

"Troy town", also Swedish Cutting

Has its origin in sun worship of nordic bronze age.

Laid out in Thirty Years' War by Swedish soldiers?

Hill resulting from gravel workings

Thuringian Land Ministry for the Care of Archeological Monuments Weimar

Note that there are two Graitschens, fairly close to each other. You want the one near Schkölen, not the one near Bürgel.

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