Cathédrale de Notre-Dame, Bayeux

This page was last updated on 7th April 2004.

medium red and black tiles
dimensions not known
position in the chapter house
orientation S
layout clockwise; 2(1,¼,¼,½,¼, ½,¼,½,¼,¼,1); I5,3O,2I,2O,2I,O3,I5,3I,2O,2I,2O,I3,I; circular.
The innermost circuit is clockwise instead of anticlockwise.
local information (from cathedral guidebook) The pavingstones [of the chapter house] are made of varnished earthenware of the XVIº century. In the middle of the room a labyrinth can be seen.

I have made several attempts to see this maze but have been thwarted on each occasion. On my last visit (summer 1997) I was told that the chapter house is open to visitors only once a year, for the patronal festival. My diagram is copied from a rather inadequate photograph in the cathedral guidebook (with some assistance from the diagram in Matthews).

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