Eglise Ste.-Foy, Sélestat

This page was last updated on 7th April 2004.

medium black mosaic and light brown terrazzo
dimensions overall diameter 6 m
diameter of centre 54 cm
path width 17 cm
inter-path gap 6 cm
position at the west end of the nave
orientation W
layout clockwise; ¼,¼,½,½,¼, 3(¼,½,¼,½,¼,½,¼), ¼,½,½,¼,¼; I5,I,I5,4O,4I,10O,4I,4O,I5,I,I5; octagonal.
double standard
construction in 1875-93
authority Verbrugge
visit 2002

The pattern is worn away round the entrance.

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