Breamore, Hampshire

This page was last updated on 6th April 2004.

name Mizmaze
medium turf
dimensions overall diameter 78'
diameter of centre 16'
average path width 20"
average inter-path gap 15"
National Grid reference SU142202
orientation E
layout clockwise; ¼,¼,½,½,¼, 3(¼,½,¼,½,¼,½,¼), ¼,½,½,¼,¼; I5,I,I5,4O,4I,10O,4I,4O,I5,I,I5; circular.
double standard
visit 1996

The maze is surrounded by a fence to prevent people from walking on it and causing erosion. However, it seems unlikely that this can be a serious problem, given the maze's isolated location. On my visit (in summer) the problem was quite the opposite: parts of the maze were so badly overgrown that it was barely possible to trace the path.

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