London Loop

This is Transport for London's London Loop, the original of which you may find here. This version follows exactly the same route as the original. However, there are two differences.

The total distance is 153 miles. The average distance of each leg is 3.8 miles.

Click here for a schematic representation. The original (TFL) sections are shown in red. The modified sections are shown in green.

Click here for the itinerary.

TFL sections My sections Legs
1 Erith Station to Bexley High Street 1 Erith to Crayford 1 Erith to Slade Green
2 Slade Green to Crayford
2 Crayford to Albany Park 3 Crayford to Bexley
2 Bexley High Street (Tan Yard Lane) to Jubilee Country Park 4 Bexley to Albany Park
3 Albany Park to Petts Wood 5 Albany Park to Petts Wood
3 Jubilee Country Park to Gates Green Road, Wickham Common 4 Petts Wood to Hayes 6 Petts Wood to Orpington
7 Orpington to Hayes
4 Gates Green Road, West Wickham Common to Hamsey Green 5 Hayes to Coombe Lane 8 Hayes to Coombe Lane
6 Coombe Lane to Whyteleafe 9 Coombe Lane to Whyteleafe
5 Hamsey Green to Coulsdon South station 7 Whyteleafe to Coulsdon South 10 Whyteleafe to Coulsdon South
6 Coulsdon South station to Banstead Downs 8 Coulsdon South to Ewell East 11 Coulsdon South to Banstead
7 Banstead Downs to Bourne Hall Park 12 Banstead to Ewell East
9 Ewell East to Malden Manor 13 Ewell East to Ewell West
8 Bourne Hall Park, Ewell to Kingston Bridge 14 Ewell West to Malden Manor
10 Malden Manor to Fulwell 15 Malden Manor to Berrylands
16 Berrylands to Kingston
9 Kingston Bridge to Hatton Cross 17 Kingston to Hampton Wick
18 Hampton Wick to Fulwell
11 Fulwell to Hatton Cross 19 Fulwell to Hatton Cross
10 Hatton Cross to Hayes & Harlington 12 Hatton Cross to West Drayton 20 Hatton Cross to Hayes & Harlington
11 Hayes & Harlington to Uxbridge 21 Hayes & Harlington to West Drayton
13 West Drayton to Denham 22 West Drayton to Uxbridge
12 Uxbridge to Harefield West 23 Uxbridge to Denham
14 Denham to Moor Park 24 Denham to Moor Park
13 Harefield West to Moor Park
14 Moor Park to Hatch End 15 Moor Park to Carpenders Park 25 Moor Park to Hatch End
15 Hatch End to Elstree 26 Hatch End to Carpenders Park
16 Carpenders Park to Elstree & Borehamwood 27 Carpenders Park to Elstree & Borehamwood
16 Elstree (Allum Lane) to Cockfosters 17 Elstree & Borehamwood to High Barnet 28 Elstree & Borehamwood to High Barnet
18 High Barnet to Cockfosters 29 High Barnet to Cockfosters
17 Cockfosters to Enfield Lock 19 Cockfosters to Turkey Street 30 Cockfosters to Gordon Hill
31 Gordon Hill to Turkey Street
20 Turkey Street to Chingford 32 Turkey Street to Enfield Lock
18 Enfield Lock to Chingford 33 Enfield Lock to Chingford
19 Chingford to Chigwell 21 Chingford to Grange Hill 34 Chingford to Buckhurst Hill
35 Buckhurst Hill to Chigwell
20 Chigwell to Havering-atte-Bower 36 Chigwell to Grange Hill
22 Grange Hill to Harold Wood 37 Grange Hill to Harold Wood
21 Havering-atte-Bower (Royal Oak pub) to Harold Wood
22 Harold Wood to Upminster Bridge 23 Harold Wood to Rainham 38 Harold Wood to Upminster Bridge
23 Upminster Bridge to Rainham 39 Upminster Bridge to Rainham
24 Rainham to Purfleet 24 Rainham to Purfleet 40 Rainham to Purfleet